Thursday, April 19, 2012

31-Day Challenge: Yellow

Remember my feelings on Orange?  Magnify that for Yellow.  I will apologize now about Yellow's Challenge.  I don't like it and when it didn't quite turn out, I said "fuck it.  I'm done."  Yellow is very sub-par.  I went with another dual-tone mani for yellow, but things that looked great on paper didn't turn out so well on the actual nail.

The Players
And their friend, plate BM-204



Caffeine is essential

The plan was to go with a nice, sunny set of nails, as today is rainy and blah.  I started with 2 coats of Sinful Color's "Let's Meet."  One coat was actually a very pretty yellow, 2 coats turned it almost golden, which was very pretty as well.

Too much of a (potential) good thing.

The next stage of the plan was to make it look like I had a sunrise happening my nails.  I french-tipped them in Sally Hansen Insta-Dry "Lightening."  Then we followed with the ray-like stamp in the corners of 2 adjacent fingers.  Dots were added.  They should not have been added.

Less is more.

I learned my lesson (kinda) on my right hand and skipped the majority of the dots.

Verdict:  The biggest detriment to this mani (other than the dots) was that the yellows didn't go together well enough.  If I ever try this one again, I think I'll do a coat of white (the Let's Meet is really transparent), a coat of Let's Meet, and call that good.  I swatched the two yellows on my toes before starting and it turned out great... with one coat of everything.  Also less dots.

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