Saturday, April 21, 2012

31-Day Challenge: Green

Day 4: GREEEEEEEEN!  I love green!  I was so excited about today!  It should have been yesterday, but there were complications.  What kind of complications, you may ask?  Dog complications.

Don't let the innocent look fool you.

This bugger made so much trouble yesterday that I had to attempt my nails not one, not two, or even three times, but FOUR TIMES.  Every time I made any sort of progress she would find a new and exciting way to create trouble and my nails went to hell.  After time four I gave up for the day and tried again this morning (when I had my hubby here for backup).

The Colors
Sinful Colors: Gorgeous & Sally Hansen: Green with Envy

The Nails
Cofffeeeeeeee!!!  I may have a bit of an addiction.

After yesterday's fiasco(s), I decided that I needed a quick, simple nail.  1-2 coats of Green with Envy (depending on the nail) and then some quick dots of Gorgeous to add a bit of interest.  

All I can say about today (other than I <3 Green) is thank goodness for backup!  And I <3 Green.

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